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Últimas Notícias

22 de February de 2022

CHUVAS NA BAHIA: Ocorrências e Consequências

CHUVAS NA BAHIA: Ocorrências e Consequências | Geotecnia & Brasil Dia 06/01/2022 18hs, o GB inaugura uma nova série, intitulada “Geotecnia & Brasil” – com a […]
22 de February de 2022

Lançamento do Livro: Evolução da Seção de Barragens no Nordeste, dos Primórdios até Orós

O Portal da Geotecnia apoia este evento e estará presente. 17 de dezembro, sexta-feira, às 19h.
22 de February de 2022

Nota de Falecimento – Jaime Domingos Marzionna

A família de Jaime Domingos Marzionna convida familiares e amigos para a celebração da missa de sétimo dia a ser realizada na Paróquia São Gabriel Arcanjo, […]
22 de February de 2022

Mesa Redonda – “Projeto de Revisão da Norma ABNT NBR 11682 – Estabilidade de Encostas”. Dia 8/12, às 18h30

Convidamos a todos para a Mesa Redonda “Projeto de Revisão da Norma ABNT NBR11682 – Estabilidade de Encostas”, que será realizada no dia 8 de dezembro […]

Topics Covered


Nowadays topics such as dam safety, instrumentation criteria, foundations and projects, should be deepened. Here we will give opportunity to open discussions.


The underground spaces including all their possibilities as transport, access, hydraulics, with emphasis on projects and constructive methods can be approached in the forum.


The specifications of constructive methods still contain an important contamination of very old experiences. The discussion and diffusion of mistakes and achievements is one of the objectives of the Portal.


Supervision of the behavior of a dam, tunneling, slope, etc. through control instruments. It involves the design of the instrumentation plan and the analysis of the data obtained. Its discussion through the Portal Forum will bring important clarifications to you.


Made through the integration between control instrumentation and periodic inspections of the dam and reservoir structures. It is also associated with the execution of permanent maintenance. This theme is current and should be discussed in purely technical terms through the Portal.


Geological risk has been a major villain in the inadequacy of financial projects for infrastructure projects. Its definition and application of responsibilities still deserve much discussion. We invite the users of the portal for an intense participation in this theme.


Among the objectives of the Geotechnical Portal is to disseminate relevant articles and experiences published in the past by its members in Institutions such as the IPT (Technological Research Institute of São Paulo) (with its 110 years of existence, founded in 1899) and Congresses and Symposia in the last decades, which have been preserved in the archives of the Institutions, Associations and Committees.


In the Portal you will find references about the revolution in the conception of foundations from the 70s and 80s, with the evolution of the methods of predicting the capacity of load of piles, passing through the evolution of the executive methods including the excavated with the aid of stabilizing fluid, root and continuous helical piles, coming to the most recent experiences with the use of tie rods anchored in the ground, allowing load tests with levels of load far superior to what until then was obtained with cargoes and executive gain in the shoring of the curtains in deep excavations eliminating the “stanchion”.


The rate of failure of actual slopes, built or natural, demands a pratical and intuitive approach to design or evaluate slopes. In the Portal you can find some references on this theme or you can even open a new topic in the Forum.

The Specialists