About Us

Geotechnical Portal – Objective

We realize that difficulties persist in the application of the disciplines that make up the Geotechnical theme, generating problems for entrepreneurs and construction owners, whose results include damages in the financial equation, construction delays, operational problems and, last but not least, an increase of social and environmental risks.

The origins of these issues range from the economic formulation to the training of those involved, including managers, designers, builders and owners.

Specialists in this theme, with at least 40 years working in the area of geotechnics, have grouped together to fill part of this gap, divulging their experience in mistakes and achievements, as part of their ethical concern to divulge and discuss relevant aspects of this theme based on the knowledge acquired. The practical experiences of each professional will be prioritized.

The founders of this Portal are: Prof. Paulo T. Cruz, Prof. Milton Kanji, Prof. Eraldo Pastore, Engineer Manoel Freitas, Geologist Guido Guidicini, Engineer Carlos Manoel Nieble, Engineer João Francisco A. Silveira, Engineer Regina Moretti, Dr. Andrea Bartorelli, Geologist Ricardo A. Abrahão and Engineer Urbano Alonso.

The Portal will store part of the experience of each member, with the possibility of open search and download. Links and inquiries to other experts on related themes are also available.

There is a specific Forum for technical discussions, also open, for guidelines that are necessary for the target audience of the Portal.

In principle, since the theme is dynamic, the main subjects will be: practical aspects of conceptualization and construction of dams and underground constructions, foundations,  constructive methods, monitoring, dam safety, geological risk and slopes.